Providing a Holistic And Enriching Environment

V and C Patel English School under the umbrella of the Charutar Vidya Mandal (CVM), is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The Mandal has been in the forefront of educational development since the past 63 years. The establishment of a CBSE School by CVM has been another step towards carrying the torch of enlightenment, through 'Education', with the able support and guidance of the formar Hon. Chairman of CVM, Dr. C.L. Patel.

'Our Pride: An Empowered Child'

The words embedded in our school's logo, are words that germinate from the fact that education is synonymous with empowerment. The motto of our school is 'Learning without Burden' and 'Inclusiveness in Education'.

Children's Activities
Philosophy of the School - Holistic Development of every child

Holistic and child centered education is the focus of our school curriculum. Hence, ample opportunities are provided in theform of activities, which involves the 3 H i.e. Head, Heart, and Hands.

Learning through Doing

Activity based teaching and Play Way Method of Teaching is folowed in the Pre-Primary and Primary classes.
The School has well equipped Laboratories to inculcate a 'Scientific temper' in each student.
Students are constantly encouraged to present their understanding of the topics in the form of Project work Power Point Presentation etc.
Language development is brought about through Group Discussion, Debates, and Presentation in the class and during school assembly.
Opportunities are provided for self expression through performing and fine arts.

Experiential learning

Field Visits
Educational tours and
Camps are organised by the school regularly, to infuse the value of 'Learning Beyond Classrooms'.

A sound Mind in a Sound Body
Sports and related activities develops and enhances:

Fluid Body Movements
Team spirit The school encourages students to take part in various sports at the interschool, district, zonal and national levels.

Glimpses of some of the competitions organised regularly for students:

Elocution Competition
Drawing Competition
Handwriting Competition
Sports Competition
Poem Recitation Competition
Handwriting competition
Rakhi Making Competition
Karate Competition

Academic Benchmarking - a vital element in education

The students are encouraged to take part in various national level scholastic competitions in order to benchmark their performance with students of the same grade at the National Level.
Some of the National Level Exams students compete in are: ASSET-Assessment of Scholastic Skills through Education Testing
National Level Olympiads- Science, Maths and Cyber Olympiads
Macmillan Science and Maths Exams
National Talent Search Examination (NTSE)

In service Training - the keystone to quality education

The foundation of any school providing quality education is its teachers.It is our firm belief that a teacher needs to be a constant learner in every sphere of life, only then she/he can be a good teacher. Hence teachers are encouraged to take part in various in-service training programmes conducted in and outside the school. In the years to come there would be a concerted affort to organize many in-services training programmes.

Teacher Discussion Forum:

Weekly discussion for a are held for teachers to encourage teachers improve and enhance communication skills and to brainstorm on all topical events. Additional, every staff meeting held once in a month has a brainstorming session, where the teachers are encountered to share their teaching experiences, discuss about new methodologies in teaching and better techniques of classroom management.

Parent Teacher Interaction

We believe that holistic education of a child is possible only when the school (teachers and administrators)and the community/society(parents, elders, social workers, and others) work in harmony. A strong foundation in education is only possible when the community at large is involved in the overall development of a school.

Towards this end, the parents, grandparents and guardians are constantly encouraged to interact with the teachers and the Principal to help build this foundation by synergizing every ones efforts. Hence we expect parents/extended family members, to actively involve themselves in each and every effort for the welfare of their ward(s). The Principal and teachers keep in touch with the parents almost on a daily basis and a synergy is sought between the school and home environment of every child.

We firmly believe that every child is precious and it is the duty of the school and parents to recognize each child’s potential and develop it to the maximum possible extent. The most important thing is that each child develops best when s/he competes with her/himself.

Hence, a system of evaluation, CCE, i.e. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation as postulated by CBSE, is being followed by the school. Through this system of evaluation we bring about a holistic and objective evaluation of each and every child on a continuous basis in all the spheres of development. In other words, each child shall continuously improve upon her/his past performance based on the feedbacks she/he gets on an ongoing basis