The motto of our school is ‘Learning without Burden’ and ‘Inclusiveness in Education’. We believe that every child is precious and it is the duty of the school and parents to recognize each child’s potential and develop it to the maximum possible extent. And most importantly each child develops best when he competes with himself.

Hence, a system of evaluation, CCE, i.e. Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation as postulated by CBSE, is being followed by our school. Through this system of evaluation we bring about a holistic and objective evaluation of each and every child on a continuous basis. In other words, each child shall continuously improve upon his past performance based on the feedback he/she gets on an ongoing basis.

We at V&C Patel English School believe that holistic education of a child is possible only when the school (teachers and administrators) and the community/society (parents, elders, social workers, and others) work in harmony. A strong foundation in education is only possible when the community at large is involved in the overall development of a school. Towards this end, we like to involve the parents of the wards admitted to our school to help us build this foundation by synergizing every ones efforts. Hence we expect parents to actively involve themselves in each and every effort of their ward (s).